Bangkok Veterans League
— 2nd Annual "Bangkok Veterans Classic" 2010 —
• 19-21/Feb/2010 •
Harrow School • Bangkok, Thailand


In its 6th season in 2010, to commemorate this milestone anniversary, Bangkok Veterans League invites you to its 2nd annual international tournament, fondly called "Bangkok Veterans Classic" during the weekend of 19-21/Feb/2010.

As you may have already discovered from the various pages on this website, Vets League has developed from its humble 4-team beginnings to today's 16-to-24-team tournaments we're holding month-after-month. As a natural extension, we have expanded the fun-&-joy to an international level starting with the inaugural edition last year on 20-22/Feb/2009 (for commentary and photos, click here).

Our philosophy is friendship, fellowship, fairness, and fun in football, where winning is not the objective. The tournament prides itself with being friendly and fair, in the true "Land of Smiles" spirit of "Amazing Thailand". We would like to see each team and every player leave at the end of the tournament with a positive impression of this "new" annual landmark, having made some new friends in the players from other teams, and anxious and eager to return to play next year.

Yes, there are plenty of tournaments around the region. Yes, many of them are old and well established. Yes, it's familiar faces and places to visit each year.

Yes, "same, same"! But, this one is different! Different in many ways!
  • Non-commercial (reasonable participation fee)
  • Objective is not to win it all, but build and develop friendships and relationships for future years
  • Organized by a league (not by a club or a company)
  • 1-day tournament (free to rest or go sightseeing in Bangkok and its surroundings on Sunday)
  • Includes a Charity Match on Sunday (for those who want to take part in)
  • 8-a-side (only one of its kind in the region)
  • Distinctive "non-violent" (and perhaps somewhat awkward!) rules
  • Plenty of time on the pitch (keep on playing even if losing games!)
  • Plenty of supplies
  • Trophies for all the teams
  • And, memories for long afterwards!

So, do we have a true football feast for you!

Here is the the schedule of events for the whole weekend.

Date Time Activity
 19/Feb/2010, Fri 7pm-9pm • Captains Night
 20/Feb/2010, Sat 10am-5pm • Tournament Day
 20/Feb/2010, Sat 8pm-11pm • Trophies Party
 21/Feb/2010, Sun 3pm-6pm • Charity Match <if there is interest>

Simply put, the format and rules are as listed below:
    • Format:
        - World Cup style tournament (having Group Stage and Knockout Stage matches)
        - full-day during 10am-5pm
        - 6 games for each team (including QFs, SFs, and the Grand Final in various divisions)
        - continue on playing for lower ranks even if losing games in the Knockout Stage
    • Rules:
        - FIFA-fair-play-rules
        - over-35-year-old-vets
        - 8-players-a-side
        - 11-minutes-a-half
        - half-pitch (on natural grass)
        - half-goals
        - no-offside
        - no-shinguards-no-play
        - unlimited-rolling-subs-touch-hands
        - any-slide-foul (always-stay-on-your-feet)
        - tackle-from-behind-yellow-card
        - yellow-card-sit-out-the-half-no-sub
        - red-card-take-a-hike-for-good
        - shake-hands-after-each-match
        - enjoy-the-beers-and-trophies-at-the-very-end
        - objective-is-not-to-win-but-to-build-lasting-friendships
    • Plenty of:
        - water
        - soda
        - beer
        - fruits
        - trophies
        - and, laughs!

In this 2nd Annual edition, we're aiming for a cozy 16-team tournament:
    • 10-12 teams from our local regulars, and
    • 6-8 teams as overseas visitors.

And, so far, we've already recruited 5 teams who are interested to visit us from overseas:
    • Hong Kong Smugglers
    • Dubai EmiRATS
    • Dubai EmiMICE
    • Dubai Liverpool Fans

and, 2 more from the local environs are also on board already (delighted to have Cosmos returning as the Defending Champions):
    • Bangkok Siam Seniors
    • Bangkok Cosmos

So, hurry up, and book your spots early enough in this surely-becoming landmark tournament of the region, where winning is not the objective, but meeting and making new friends in Bangkok's exhilarating atmosphere is ..!

Feel free to e-mail to me if you want to register your team or would like more information.

Looking forward to it.

Kind regards,

Pictured below is your dedicated Tournament Organizing Committee in their 1st planning meeting for the BVC8s 2010.

Clockwise-from-left: Sirichai, Eralp, Roland, Wakana, Marc, Graham [Absent: Bruce (in Auckland), Gonzague (in Suvarnapum), Preben (in Phuket)].